Franchise Financing: Funding Your Franchise

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The International Franchise Association suggests nine questions before buying a franchise. These questions focus on the costs of operating the franchise (both start-up and ongoing), the expected level of commitment from franchise owners , and the franchise’s financial state and track record with other owners. With that in mind, some franchises, such as Lawn Doctor , will finance franchise fees, start-up costs, inventories, and equipment to help their franchisees get started. As a first step, you should derive cash flow estimates for a “mature” franchise — one that is at least two to three years old. This will allow you to measure the long-term returns offered by the franchise, as many businesses are not very profitable in their first year or two of operations.

  • You won’t have a right to renew unless the franchisor gives you that right.
  • While the franchisor will not disclose unit revenues in these statements, there are ways to make a guesstimate.
  • You may think this means that your risk is limited because the broker weeds out poor investments.
  • On the other hand, there are also risk factors that are significantly higher for franchisors than for other businesses.
  • We have found that there are many franchise advising companies that had success five to ten years ago in franchising, but are still using outdated methods, processes, and procedures.

Our attorneys focus on fob shipping point world solutions and always consider the return on investment for every legal dollar spent by our clients. Start by reaching out to our experienced team of franchise lawyers for a free consultation. Because brokers already have leads—which they have already qualified—you don’t have to hunt for a buyer yourself. And because those leads have already been vetted, you don’t waste time talking to leads who, at the end of the day, don’t have the capital you require. Franchisors may offer in-house financing or have an approved list of lenders who are inclined to work with franchisees. Lacking few other options, entrepreneurs may attempt to raise money via online forums.

Estimate low on revenues and high on expenses, and any surprises you receive will be happy ones. Expenses you should build estimates for include cost of goods sold, labor, rent, benefits and taxes, utilities, “plug” numbers , debt service, and other operating costs. I said earlier that businesses sell things, but what an owner really wants from a business is cash. You can sell things all day long, day in and day out, and still produce very little cash. In October 2012, the Manitoba Franchise Act was proclaimed into law. The legislation, like its counterparts in several other provinces (including Ontario’s Arthur Wishart Act), provides franchisees with the right to rescind a franchise agreement within two years if a…

After all, would you take swimming lessons from someone who couldn’t swim? Franchising is a type of agreement that entails reproducing a successful business model across multiple locations. As the business owner and franchisor, you would create a franchise agreement to begin the process and move toward opening a new franchise. In addition to reading the franchisor’s FDD — including any updates — and speaking with current and former franchisees, consider talking to an accountant and a lawyer. The franchisor’s disclosures may change between the time you receive the FDD and the time you sign the franchise agreement. For example, the franchisor may have updated its FDD each calendar quarter and must update the FDD after its fiscal year ends.

Just like starting your business, franchising is an investment that involves some level of risk, but the reward is often worth it. In fact, the cost of turning your business into a franchise is nearly always less than the cost of opening an additional corporate location. Fact is, business resale valuation is calculated similarly to standalone businesses, so that a buyer can compare the financials accordingly.

Should I Have My Business Valued?

In a typical franchise arrangement after you have spent years working hard and building up a business when it’s time to retire or move on you can typically sell that business or pass it on to your family. In the case of Chick-fil-A however you own nothing and because you have no equity in the business you have nothing to sell. One of the benefits of franchising is the ability to eventually or even initially operate your store in a passive or absentee capacity, meaning it will still operate and generate revenue while you are doing other things. Some franchises are better at this than others but being able to have your business operate while you run other businesses, work a career, travel or whatever else is a major benefit of franchising. Business models like Chick-fil-A where franchisees are required to work in the store are considered by many as “buying a job” as opposed to actually owning a business. You are expected to work in the business rather than on the business.

If there are any other entities that have a right to the ownership of the business, you need to know that up front, as they could diminish your cash flow after acquisition. Buyers who aren’t leveraging any financing options should consider hiring attorneys to run lien checks before making any purchasing decisions. Franchisees must comply with the requirements in the franchise agreement, and the agreement puts restrictions on the owner.

  • In doing this, you should exclude some items you would normally find on an income statement, like depreciation, amortization, interest, and taxes, leaving you with a bottom line typically referred to as EBITDA .
  • In addition, our first hand experience with franchising our own businesses equips us to help our clients build successful franchises.
  • I work with a rare personal involvement that is rooted in the genuine desire to help others succeed.

You’ll want to think about your personal budget and net worth and what type of franchise you might be able to afford. The greater marketing plan generally comes directly from the franchise’s corporate headquarters. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. We believe in our program so much that we offer on-going franchise consulting support for the life of your franchise. At Accurate Franchising, we have created a complete solution that allows you to complete the franchising process for about a third of what the traditional cost would be.

Expenses While Training$700$5,000

If a franchisor provides franchisee sales or income figures, ask if any of the supporting data came from franchisees in your area. The FDD should state whether there are geographic differences between the franchisees whose earnings are reported and your likely location. Item 4 discloses whether the franchisor or its predecessor, affiliates or any of its executives have been involved in a recent bankruptcy. Consider having an accountant review the required financial statements too. Typically, a broker reviews the amount of money you have to invest and then directs you to opportunities that match your interests and resources. A broker also may help you finish applications and the paperwork to complete the sale.

A central element to franchising your business is granting franchisees access to a wealth of intellectual property. This allows them to brand their franchise according to your guidelines and also encourages the growth of your business. But it can expose you to risks if your intellectual property isn’t adequately protected. Fees and requirements based on a single unit and as reported in the 2023 franchise disclosure document . Chick-fil-A also has a very low franchisee dropout rate at less than 5% and many operators are with the company for 20 years or more.

The franchisee also may be required to purchase uniforms, inventory and other supplies from the franchisor, as well as build out the facilities to comply with the franchisor’s appearance standards. A common franchisee question is, “What’s the book value of my business? ” The book value of your business is typically the value of your assets as shown on your financial statements. Because hard assets are depreciable, however, the value of them may be quite low. Real estate, buildings and vehicles, as well as specialized equipment, may have a greater value.

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After you’ve tallied your assets and liabilities , you can determine your net worth by simply subtracting your liabilities from your assets. You now have a better understanding of where you stand financially, and are in a better position to search for a franchise with confidence. Liquid assets are those that can be turned into cash immediately. Liquid assets include your checking account, savings and money market accounts, cash value of life insurance policies, and any other asset that has the same value as cash. Your net worth is essential in determining an appropriate investment level for any franchise opportunity that you are considering. Ultimately, your franchise will be worth what someone else is willing to pay.

Assets have hard values, so this should be an excellent starting point for valuing a company. Examples include Keg Royalties Income Fund and Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund. As is true in many walks of life, there are both formal and informal ways of determining the sale price for your franchise business.

What Should You Do Before Buying a Franchise?

The process can move more quickly depending on how complicated your business model is. – Christian values, closed on Sundays , 4 million dollars annual volumes per store, happy employees, low franchisee turnover AND did we mention a super low franchise fee of only $10,000! Admittedly for many owners Chick-fil-A franchise is a dream come true.

Start-up costs and royalty fees can put a serious damper on a franchisee’s take-home pay. For example, when opening a McDonald’s, the franchisee must not only pay money toward the location, they must also pony up a $45,000 franchise fee for the right to operate the business for a period of 20 years. After 20 years, assuming the company agrees to renew the contract, another $45,000 franchise fee is charged. Growth in the number of franchisees can lead to multiple sources of revenue growth.


Use this guide to learn more about the difference between an LLC vs. an S corporation. If you are not prepared to move to where the next store is slated to open you will likely wait a long time. Running a credit report before the lender does gives the franchisee a chance to correct any inaccuracies.

If the market shifts and the franchisees sales decline by 15%, the franchisor’s profit from the restaurant will also drop by around 21%; however, the franchisees’ profits will drop by almost 98%. The largest industry sector is in the food services; these businesses made up around 40% of the membership in the Canadian Franchise Association in 2017. But there are many other types of franchisors in the retail and service industries. Most hotel chains are franchised, as are most automobile dealerships and the guys who promise to remove junk from your house at all hours of the day.


You won’t have a right to renew unless the franchisor gives you that right. All of these factors suggest that a franchise is significantly more valuable than an otherwise identical standalone business. Full BioGlenn Curtis has 12+ years of work experience in strategic and market research, as well as 7+ years as an equity analyst, finance manager, and writer. The greatest development that will allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to compete with large corporations has become available — for free. If you are speaking to a franchisee who failed, you will certainly want to know why, and they are equally certain to give a bad reference when asked about the franchise.

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Type 7 loans are ideal for new franchises, compared to type 504 loans, which have more limitations. Franchisees can apply for a commercial loan with a bank of their choice. Approval usually requires a good credit rating and a detailed business plan.

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Once again, valuations are driven by the availability of financing. Franchisees have always traded at a more compressed band than franchisors because, in most cases, you are buying a franchisee that has limited potential upside but usually has stable cash flow. Keeping the above contextual points in mind, let us look at some key valuation guidelines. If we are going to dig deep into the valuation issue, we must distinguish franchisor from franchisee businesses. In many businesses, growth is accompanied by significant cash outflows as companies are required to carry additional inventory, carry more accounts receivable and build larger facilities.

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